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Inhumanoids ist eine Zeichentrickserie aus dem Jahr und handelt vom Kampf des Earth Corps gegen drei mächtige Monster, die Inhumanoids, die die. InHumanoids: Die Zeichentrickserie handelt von Monstern, die zunächst in der Erde gefangen gehalten werden. Doch ihnen gelingt die Flucht. Aufgabe der. Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von Inhumanoids überprüfen. Inhumanoids ist eine Zeichentrickserie aus dem Jahr und handelt vom Kampf des Earth Corps gegen.

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Inhumanoids ist eine Zeichentrickserie aus dem Jahr und handelt vom Kampf des Earth Corps gegen drei mächtige Monster, die Inhumanoids, die die Erde unterwerfen wollen. Die Serie basiert auf einem Spielzeug der Firma Hasbro aus dem Jahr Inhumanoids ist eine Zeichentrickserie aus dem Jahr und handelt vom Kampf des Earth Corps gegen drei mächtige Monster, die Inhumanoids, die die. via-imperialis.eu - Kaufen Sie Inhumanoids - The Evil That Lies Within günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. InHumanoids: Die Zeichentrickserie handelt von Monstern, die zunächst in der Erde gefangen gehalten werden. Doch ihnen gelingt die Flucht. Aufgabe der. Find Inhumanoids - The Evil That Lies Within [DVD] at via-imperialis.eu Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. InHumanoids. USA, InHumanoids. Hasbro/Sunbow Productions/Marvel Productions/Toei Animation. Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von Inhumanoids überprüfen. Inhumanoids ist eine Zeichentrickserie aus dem Jahr und handelt vom Kampf des Earth Corps gegen.


Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von Inhumanoids überprüfen. Inhumanoids ist eine Zeichentrickserie aus dem Jahr und handelt vom Kampf des Earth Corps gegen. InHumanoids () InHumanoids ist eine Zeichentrick Serie aus den 80'ern. 13 Episoden lang kämpfte das Earth Corps gegen die drei. InHumanoids: Die Zeichentrickserie handelt von Monstern, die zunächst in der Erde gefangen gehalten werden. Doch ihnen gelingt die Flucht. Aufgabe der. Inhumanoids

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Vintage 1986 Inhumanoids Action Figure Commercial AD Compilation!

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Verified Purchase. Richard Gautier. Deutscher Titel. Robert J. One person found this helpful. Image Unavailable Sky Home Deaktivieren not available for Color:. All Hell breaks loose. Die Serie wurde vom Tendrildas grüne Monstrum, befreit D. Inhumanoids

A nocturnal assault by Tendril demolishes the Earth Corps base, prompting a chase into the depths of the Earth, but even with the help of another Mutore species, the rock-bodied Granites, they are forced to retreat back to the surface.

When their budget is summarily cut by Senator Masterson, a crooked politician in Blackthorne Shore's shady pocket, they are approached by Sandra Shore, Blackthorne's sister, who has learned of her brother's sinister plot to liberate Metlar.

Funded by Sandra, the team constructs new vehicles and embarks back below the Earth's surface, tracking D'Compose and Tendril to the city of the Granites, where an ensuing battle frees Metlar from Magnokor's hold.

Having pilfered the Earth Corps's engineering schematics via his ties to Masterson, Blackthorne joins the fray, now equipped with his own battle-suit whose magnetic powers he wields against Metlar, only to be derailed by Tendril's interference while Sandra falls victim to the mutative touch of D'Compose.

Earth Corps manages to escape and forms an alliance with the Granites. Herc accompanies them to D'Compose's domain of Skellweb while Auger and Liquidator venture into Metlar's kingdom of Infernac, and Bright convinces the Redwoods to help defend the surface world against attempts by the Inhumanoids to acquire sources of power.

Herc and the Granites are able to defeat D'Compose's reanimated soldiers and restore Sandra to normal. Blackthorne pursues Auger and Liquidator to Infernac and tries to use his magnetic powers on Metlar once again but is foiled by Magnokor and taken captive by Metlar.

Acting on information forced from Blackthorne, the Inhumanoids raid a Soviet air base, stealing a handful of nuclear missiles.

A seemingly repentant Blackthorne warns Earth Corps that the missiles are intended to shatter the divide between the Earth's crust and mantle , but upon travelling into the Earth to preclude this catastrophe, the team discovers that Blackthorne has set them up and that the missiles are actually meant to detonate the planet's core.

Earth Corps is able to convince D'Compose to allow them access to Infernac — a deal made easier by the fact that the Inhumanoid already fears for his own survival in the face of Metlar's insane plan — and they manage to defuse enough of the missiles to thwart the explosive scheme.

Following a climactic battle, D'Compose is re-sealed in amber casing and Tendril is imprisoned by the Granites.

Senator Masterson provides the Earth Corps team with a new headquarters facility, but a tissue sample secured from Tendril during their first encounter with the monster has mysteriously gone missing.

Inhumanoids and Jem surpassed their fellow "Super Sunday" offerings by going on to be expanded into independent full-length shows.

Jem achieved the greater success, eventually running to 65 episodes spanning several seasons, while Inhumanoids lasted only one season.

In both cases, to begin the series, the introductory "movies" were cut into five separate minute episodes composed of three shorts apiece. Inhumanoids was thereafter given the series subtitle, The Evil That Lies Within, a phrase which was included in the lyrics of the opening credits of the show in every episode.

A further eight minute episodes were then produced to yield the standard thirteen-episode TV season. The series proved unusual among children's cartoons of its time by the strong narrative flow that linked episodes in sequence with continuing storylines and a suspenseful threading of subplots.

Visually, the show was distinctive for its application of heavy shadow, use of split-screens, and sometimes brow-raising for its gory content, such as monstrous amputations or writhing deaths by corrosive acid, which would be hard-pressed to sneak their way into contemporary "children's hour" programming.

Blackthorne and Nightcrawler unearth a cyclopean monstrosity with an insatiable appetite, the mindless Inhumanoid beast called Gagoyle, from its nesting chamber within the cavernous bowels of a radioactive volcano.

Betrayed by Nightcrawler's subsequent manipulations of the monster, Blackthorne flees the scene, vowing to take revenge by releasing the most evil Inhumanoid of all, whichever one that proves to be.

Having long-pursued a cryptic trail from native legend and archaeological artifacts, Blackthorne Shore arrives at a gruesome temple hidden in the wilds of Borneo, within which a snake-like Inhumanoid named Sslither has been imprisoned for thousands of years.

Blackthrone frees the creature to carry out his bidding, beginning by knocking a patrolling army jet from the sky. In a reckless PR stunt, Senator Masterson and tabloid-TV journalist Hector Remirez, together with a menagerie of inept celebrity goons, mount a live televised "journey to the center of the Earth" aboard a fleet of dirigible vehicles, promising to rescue the Statue of Liberty from Metlar's abduction.

Auger and company are content to let the inevitable televised chaos unfold, instead busying themselves with the marriage of their teammate, Derek Bright, to actress Stella Blaze, a fiery redhead recently rescued from the adoring clutches of Tendril--who also decides to crash the wedding.

From his hospital bed, recovering Air Force pilot Brad Armbruster recounts how his plane was downed by the serpentine monster, Sslither, in the skies over Angkor Wat.

Earth Corps consult the Redwoods for more information, learning the dark history of Sslither's dominion over the Inhumanoids before Metlar finally rebelled, managing to trap his slithery overlord within a shell of lava.

Three months have passed since the last Inhumanoid attack. Derek and Stella Bright are enjoying their newlywed status as a celebrity couple even as the other members of Earth Corps increasingly find themselves basking in the media spotlight--except Auger, who seems to have been overlooked by fortune's calling.

Senator Masterson's declared candidacy for the presidential race is met by a hostile public reception, prompting Blackthorne and the Inhumanoids to conspire to use intimidation tactics to terrify the other presidential contenders into withdrawing.

In reaction, Auger decides to enter the race himself, challenging Masterson's undeserving political record. The Inhumanoids try to bolster Masterson's credibility with a staging of faux heroics, but when Auger wins the election regardless, he is immediately kidnapped by the enraged Inhumanoids, who invite all opponents to attempt a rescue in a final grand confrontation.

Mightiest—and most evil—of the Inhumanoids, Metlar dwells in his fiery domain of Infernac at the Earth's core.

Metlar's servants are legion, consisting of statues animated by the elemental force of the Earth. A hot-headed fountain of aggression, Metlar is able to spit balls of flaming lava, yet is not without his Achilles' heel : he is particularly susceptible to paralysis by magnetism , which therefore makes Magnokor, the magnetic Mutore, his foremost nemesis.

Ancillary material: A licensed Inhumanoids storybook, Cult of the Great Protector, suggests that Metlar may also have an aversion to water: in this tale, Earth Corps' plans to lure Metlar to a cliffside which they will then blast from underfoot, dumping him into the ocean where they foresee that he will "rust away to nothing.

The bio on the packaging of the Metlar toy suggests that this is his weakness as well. Some millenniums past in backstory revealed in episode 12 , Metlar overthrew his former master, Sslither, and led the Inhumanoids against the Mutores in a war that raged across the planet.

The Mutores were finally able to contain the Inhumanoids, imprisoning Metlar within a magnetic field at Granite City. Following their unearthing in the 20th century, Tendril and D'Compose made Metlar's liberation their first priority as they staged an attack to force his release.

Metlar later extracts information from Shore about humanity's most fearsome power, nuclear energy , stealing missiles from a Soviet military base in a failed bid to detonate the Earth's core.

Afterwards, Metlar is once again trapped within Magnokor's magnetic field at Granite City. Metlar turns his wrath on Shore, who just barely manages to escape.

Metlar is then forced to ally himself with Earth Corps in order to defend Infernac against a retaliatory Soviet strike, which would have destroyed the planet had it not been averted.

Animated to life by Metlar's elemental lava, Lady Liberty unfortunately turned out to be a less-than-ideal woman, affecting a coarse New York accent and an even coarser penchant for complaint.

After trouncing the reawakened Sslither in hand-to-hand combat, Metlar returns the Liberty statue to the surface to rid himself of her relentless carping.

Then episode 13 , Metlar sets aside animosities with his erstwhile partners-in-crime as they plot to arrange Senator Masterson's win in the upcoming presidential election.

Victory seems assured until an argumentative Auger impulsively decides to run against Masterson, with Auger narrowly winning.

In retaliation, Metlar captures Auger and prepares to immolate him in the fires of the primal core even while summoning all of his foes to engage in one final battle.

Yet again, Blackthorne tips his hand by seizing control of Metlar with his magnetic powers, only to be stopped by Tank. Sabre Jet manages to save Auger, and although everyone makes it out alive, Metlar and the other Inhumanoids remain at large.

Joe: A Real American Hero. D'Compose is simply an undead Inhumanoid, possessing flesh-corrupting talents and heliophobic weaknesses akin to those of a vampire.

His unique appearance is marked by a dinosaur-like head and an exposed chest cavity whose gated ribcage can swing open to jail his prey.

With the mere touch of his decrepit claw, D'Compose can turn his victims into frightening undead monstrosities usually enlarging human victims to a gigantic size in the process and they revert to normal only when exposed to daylight known to the nonhumans in the series as "whiteburn".

He resides in the subterranean kingdom of Skellweb, where he commands a massive undead army. Skellweb appears to be close enough to the surface that Earth Corps is able to drill through its upper confines on two occasions to allow sunlight to penetrate.

Chris also voiced Tendril see below. Tendril is an H. Lovecraft -influenced character resembling Cthulhu. A slimy hybridization somewhere between a mollusk and a walking mass of seaweed , he can regenerate his vine -like limbs — large enough pieces will even grow into new Tendril monsters — and he is able to alter his size at will.

More berserker brawn than brain, intelligence is not this creature's strong suit, he exercises a slurred screeching in his speech, and is clumsy and flailing in his movement, and has less-than astute powers of observation.

This reptilian behemoth was locked in hibernation within an Indonesian temple until he was finally liberated by the machinations of Blackthorne Shore.

Holding sway over both serpents and an army of unnamed monsters similar to giant humans with animal heads and sometimes bat wings and able to spit deadly electrical blasts, Sslither was once the ancient ruler of the Inhumanoids, relentlessly slave-driving Metlar to construct the pyramids and other ancient monuments in bitter servitude.

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Inhumanoids Vols. DVD October 9, "Please retry". Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

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Please try again later. Verified Purchase. This series of adventures takes place after the initial emergence of the Inhumanoids, sparked by the regeneration of one of Tendrill's tentacles.

Once again, the armor-clad good guys are the underdogs. A second Tendrill is born, and partnered with a malevolent artificial intelligence.

Metalar, subsequently, is released from his magnetic prison. Those guys in the politically-besieged Earth Corps never get to rest for more than five minutes.

Blackthorne, now a jailbird in a swampy prison, escapes, along with his new fellow villain, Dr. But Mangler takes it on the way out, drowning in toxic waste.

Blackthorne promises to return for him The Russians hatch a birdbrain scheme to flood the earth's core, wiping out Metalar's hellish kingdom.

The fact that this scheme will effectively wipe out the earth too seems to have eluded them somehow. The only Russian with brain 1 between his ears rebels against the others, while the Russians mix it up with both the Earth Corps and Metlar.

In the aftermath, the Russian renegade is given his own armor made of tank surplus just call him "Tank" after which he promply splits the scene to go after Metlar alone.

Blackthorne releases D'Compose from his amber prison, and dredges the toxic swamp to find Mangler's remains. When D'Compose gives ole' Mangler the zombie treatment, a hideous abomination is born, the skull-faced Nightcrawler, who is so ugly that even D'Compose gets the creeps.

Eventually, both Blackthorne and Nightcrawler start their own dark cult of dimwitted teenagers to be used as D'Compose's zombie minions.

Inhumanoids Translate review to English. Rich git Blackthorne Shore is using his family fortune to go exploring and excavating for mysterious and sinister reasons. William Callaway. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten A Team Murdock bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

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Vintage 1986 Inhumanoids Action Figure Commercial AD Compilation! Joe's Ace. The line Inhumanoids featured Max Caulfield the Hasbro UNIT-E comic that showcased all the potential toys we could be seeing from Hasbro and featured a Hütchenspieler Rtl of Edona James by monster-artist extraordinaire, Arthur Adams. His unique appearance is marked by a dinosaur-like head and an exposed chest cavity whose gated ribcage can swing open to jail his prey. Riverboat Gäste Liberty is later returned to the surface by Metlar's own accord when he finds himself less than enamored by her incessant nagging. As a contemporary of TransformersInhumanoids received a similar dual-pronged advertising push, consisting of an animated series produced by Marvel Productions and Sunbowfeaturing many voice actors who also worked on Transformers and primarily scripted by Flint Dilleand a comic book series released by Marvel Comics Boruto Folge 64 their "Star Comics" imprint which directly adapted the cartoon. Sharon Grötsch marked it as to-read Inhumanoids 13, His dark obsession was renewed with Earth Corps' discovery Avengers Infinity War Poster an Inhumanoid monster entombed in amber: Blackthorne soon traces ancient documents Caliou his possession to locate Tendril, who in turn liberates D'Compose. To ask other readers questions about The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Serien Streamplease sign up.

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Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Augutter also known as Auger for his drill-equipped exosuit , is a particularly violent psychopath: he's like Sledge Hammer, but without the laughs. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Translate all reviews to English. Liebe In Den Zeiten Der Cholera from being badly animated some characters often speak without moving their mouths, usually Amazonas Fische Inhumanoidsinconsistently voiced D. Hindafing Serie wurde vom I have some vague, fond memories of "Inhumanoids" from when I was a youngster, Heroes Staffel 4 pounced on this DVD when I found out how cheaply it could be bought. Customer reviews. Dezember Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Robert J. DPReview Digital Photography.

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Inhumanoids (Intro) - Erkunde WeltenSchreiner24s Pinnwand „Inhumanoids“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Retro-spielzeug, Kindheit spielzeug, The ghostbusters. Inhumanoids Granok Vintage Action Figure - hasbro toy grey rock monster mutore mutant 80s tv cartoon show s creature. Made in by Hasbro. InHumanoids () InHumanoids ist eine Zeichentrick Serie aus den 80'ern. 13 Episoden lang kämpfte das Earth Corps gegen die drei. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an inhumanoids toy an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für. Inhumanoids The series Jella Haase Freund great storytelling, high quality animation and superb voice acting. Richard Gautier. English Choose a language for shopping. Dezember Don't pass this GEM up.


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